Do you need help with your writing or language skills? I’m here to help you.

Academic Proofreading

If you are a non-native speaker of English and would like me to go through your research paper for English expressions and clarity, please contact me. (Undergraduates note: This is probably not for you. Please sign up for Coaching.)

Coaching for Nonfiction and Creative Nonfiction

I offer short- and long-term coaching to help you become a better academic writer, whether you’re a college student or learner of English or if you are writing a memoir or personal essay. We will set up a program tailored to your needs. The initial consultation is free.

English Lessons (ESL)

I offer four types of online English lessons.


Meet once a week privately with your teacher to improve your English. We will meet online through video conferencing. ($200/month)


Once a week privately plus three online assignments, with teacher’s feedback. ($400/month)


Twice a week privately plus four online assignments, with teacher’s feedback – includes writing. ($800/month)


Same as Super-Intensive (above), for 2-4 participants. ($1200/month total)

Swedish Conversation

Want to learn a new language? I can teach you mine! We’ll follow a fun and effective program to get you talking. I have an MA in Teaching, and I taught Swedish to immigrants while I was living in Stockholm.

Visst kan du! (Of course you can!)

Thank you for this course. I learned a lot!

Former Student

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